Monday Meeting: Guest Speaker Dr. Case

New Meeting, New Day.

This meeting will be on a Monday, rather than our normal Tuesday, but we hope you can still attend.
Our speaker will be Dr. Case and the meeting will be in the format, a very laid-back presentation/discussion on a topic of his choice. We will also, as always, have snacks.

The benefit of the meeting being in Holmes is that many of you already live here so feel free to drop in at your leisure. We know college students, Briggs students especially, have busy schedules.

Though this meeting is in Holmes and geared toward Briggs students all MSU faculty and students interested in our meetings are welcome to attend.

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Date: Monday, November 18th
Guest Speaker: Dr. Case
Topic: His Choice
Time: 7-8pm
Location: C-104 Holmes Hall

About msuhpssa

The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Student Association (HPSSA) was founded in January 2012 by students in Lyman Briggs, a residential college for the sciences at Michigan State University. History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, often shortened HPS, plays an integral part in Lyman Briggs by bridging the sciences and humanities in student education.


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