HPSSA E-Board Elections

“Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and 
make them great." - Orison Swett Mardon

Event Information.

The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Student Organization is holding elections Thursday, September 4th from 7-8pm in C-106 and we want to see you there.

About Us.

We are a Lyman Briggs student organization that holds bi-weekly meetings Thursdays from 7-8pm  in Holmes Hall (date/time for fall semester; room # will vary) exploring topics associated with the history, philosophy, of sociology of science such as:

We strive to help our (and future) generation(s) bridge the gap between science/the humanities and view science from a new perspective by providing a safe place for students to genuinely discuss/learn about these topics. (Know that there is no pressure to participate. You are welcome to just sit-in on our meetings).

Typically we attract Lyman Briggs students but all undergraduate students/faculty are welcome. However, only Briggs students can serve on the e-board.

Check out the links below for more!

About the Open E-board Positions.

  • The Secretary’s duties: reserve rooms for meetings, handle documentation/RSO status, etc.
  • The Treasurer’s duties: have access to and maintain funds, monitor and report if there is any suspected fraud, purchase any food for events.
  • The Senator/Web Master’s duties: monitor and release appropriate content via social media and email accounts.

All e-board members are required to attend e-board meetings and provide constructive ideas for new meetings.

Why Join?


If you are interested in making connections, ‘answering’ broad philosophical questions, filling in the gaps of history our meetings or any of the topics above we are the group for you.


Do you want to be a biologist, a mathematician, a zoologist, an engineer, a doctor, a chemist, a computer programmer, a science historian, a researcher, something STEAM* related? Do you want to have an impact on the world?

Join the discussion about the implications of science (keep catastrophic scientific history from repeating itself), learn how to better communicate (with your scientific peers and the public), understand ethics and policy, and get the whole picture before making a mark on our society you can not erase.

You’re not just paying for an education you are paying for a vast amount of personal growth opportunities such as this one. Take advantage and get involved early. Join HPSSA.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about a specific topic we would love you input. Email us here or join the e-board and make it happen.

*Science, Technology, Environment, Arts, and Math. ‘Arts’ addition by Will Wheaton.

About msuhpssa

The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Student Association (HPSSA) was founded in January 2012 by students in Lyman Briggs, a residential college for the sciences at Michigan State University. History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, often shortened HPS, plays an integral part in Lyman Briggs by bridging the sciences and humanities in student education.


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