Food Systems: Understanding Power Dynamics & (Re)Connecting with our Roots

Event Info.

Our next event is on November 17th. Dr. Philip Howard and Laura Johnson, PhD. Candidate will be speaking about different aspects of the US and global food systems (i.e. the farm to table process).
Click here to view the event flyer!

Date: Tuesday, November 17th
Time: 7-8pm
Location: Holmes Hall Sparty’s Bamboo Room

Speaker Bios.

philip-howardDr. Philip Howard’s “research focuses on the ‘food system’. The food system involves all of the steps required to produce food and get it to our plates–from farming and processing to distribution and consumption.” Howard’s newest book, Concentration and Power in the Food System: Who Controls What We Eat?, discusses how our food is controlled by shockingly small number of (power hungry?* ) corporations. This will be the focus of his talk. Visual learner? Dr. Howard has also created some detailed graphics displaying his research.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Phil Howard & his research.

LJLaura Johnson is a “PhD candidate in the Nature-Society sector with a graduate specialization in Gender, Justice and Environmental Change.” Johnson’s research interests “center on social and environmental justice on global and local scales.” Specifically, Johnson’s “current work centers on socio-spatial disconnection in the global agro-food system and, more hopefully, on creative spaces and schemes of reconnection – between producers and consumers, individuals and community, people and nature.”

Click here to learn more about Laura Johnson & her research.

*I apologize the pun was just to difficult to resist!

About msuhpssa

The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Student Association (HPSSA) was founded in January 2012 by students in Lyman Briggs, a residential college for the sciences at Michigan State University. History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, often shortened HPS, plays an integral part in Lyman Briggs by bridging the sciences and humanities in student education.


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