The History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Student Association (HPSSA) was founded in January 2012 by students in Lyman Briggs, a residential college for the sciences at Michigan State University. History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, often shortened HPS, plays an integral part in Lyman Briggs by bridging the sciences and humanities in student education.
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HPSSA T-Shirts

T-Shirts For Sale. We have designed and are selling HPSSA t-shirts for $15. Sizes range from Small to XL. Click Photos to Enlarge Left: Front of Shirt Text ‘HPSSA 2013-2014’ Right: Front & Back of Shirt in Bulletin Board Display. Back of Shirt Text ‘History and Philosophy of Science Student Association Lyman Briggs College’ Anyone … Continue reading

Monday Meeting: Guest Speaker Dr. Case

New Meeting, New Day. This meeting will be on a Monday, rather than our normal Tuesday, but we hope you can still attend. Our speaker will be Dr. Case and the meeting will be in the format, a very laid-back presentation/discussion on a topic of his choice. We will also, as always, have snacks. The … Continue reading

Book Recommendations from our ‘Technology Talks’ Meeting.

(Recommendations and descriptions contributed by Eric Berling.) Reasons and Persons (1984) by Derek Parfit — A very influential text in metaphysics (especially identity), but has lots of implications in other fields of philosophy as well. The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil — One of the more recognizable books of the Transhumanist movement. Berling has … Continue reading

Post-Event Summary: Tech Talks & Upcoming Meeting Teaser

Success. If you didn’t come to our meeting last night not only did you miss some yummy fall snacks you missed a phenomenal discussion with MSU HPS instructor & graduate student Eric Berling about technology advancing the human condition, post-humanism and what it means to be human. Eric started off the meeting introducing the post-humanism … Continue reading

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